The Evangelistic Churches of Christ - A Tribute to Chief Apostle Lymus Johnson
The Executive Board
Chief Apostle Lymus L. Johnson
Founder & Presider
Bishop Willie Thomas
Vice Presider
Bishop Dwight Daniels
Asst. Vice Presider
District Elder Irving Richburg
Executive Secretary
 Bishop Charles Lowe
Fiscal Manager
District Elder Frank Taylor
 National Evangelist
Bishop Rueben Taylor
Board of Bishops
Evanvgelistic Churches of Christ Overseers
Bishop Austin Brewster
Foreign Ministries
Elder Carl Lee
Foreign Ministries
Jr. Bishop Willie McRae
Preacher's & Deacon's Wive's Guild
District Elder Charles Taylor
National Deacon Board
Bishop David Windley
National Brotherhood
Elder Darnell Daniels
National Youth Congress
District Elder Irving Richburg
National Usher Board
Bishop Charles Lowe
National Sunday School
Bishop Dwight Daniels
National Missionary Department
Elder Kenneth Rogiers, Ph.D
Dean of Education
Bishop Willie Johnson
Elder Anthony Ligon
Community Outreach
Elder Dominick Clayton
Education & Training
Jr. Bishop Davy Johnson
Chief of Security