The Evangelistic Churches of Christ - A Tribute to Chief Apostle Lymus Johnson
2011 Convocation
Fellowship Picnic
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
37th Holy Convocation Highlights
Tuesday Evening Service
July 12, 2011
National Brotherhood Service
District Elder Irving Richburg, Speaker
Wednesday Evening Service
July 13, 2011
National Missionary Service
Bishop Charles Lowe Speaker
Thursday Evening Service
July 14, 2011
National Deacon's Service
Preacher's & Deacon's Wive's Guild
National Sunday School Department
Elder Thomas Battle, Speaker
National Sunday School
Friday Evening Service
July 15, 2011
National Youth Congress
Bishop Alphonzo Brooks
Saturday, July 16, 2011
Official Day
Founder's Day Banquet
Evening Service
Guest Speaker:  Bishop Darnell Easton
Bethel Way of the Cross Church of Christ
Baltimore, Maryland
Nobody Greater
Vashawn Mitchell
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